How I Did It-Participants Already!

June 4, 2010

Today started pretty good. I emailed the list of compiled middle and high school teachers to ask if I could email their special education teachers about my study. I sent out the emails at 10:25 am and the first principal responded at 10:33 with two names! This is so exciting. I know all these teachers are busy at the end of the school year, but I pray they will at least complete my qualifying survey. I sent the emails out to both teachers and I will wait to see what happens. I  have 12 days before my writing retreat and I feel like this is really going to happen. It is 10:49am and another principal responded with four more names! I sent out the four emails and now I wait. This is something.

OK,  it’s 11am and more principals are responding, so far I have emailed 14 teachers and have 13 more to go. After sending out those emails I had one person complete the survey already. As the day went on, more principals responded totaling 13. Out of the 13 principals sending me names, I emailed 51 teachers. Before I left work, I had two more teachers respond to the survey. So far I have four, but only two actually qualify for the study.

I’m home now and I’m checking my email again. I have two more teachers. I decided to go ahead and send out the “Next Steps” email to three of the teachers that qualified for the study. I only need four. This is happening so quick! One of the three ended up responding with their preference of face-to-face or phone interview. It is the first day of  the search for participants and I already have one interview practically scheduled. WOW. Thank you God.


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