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How I Did It-First Publication Prep

February 20, 2010

Today I didn’t do anything dealing with the dissertation because it has been three weeks and I STILL don’t have comments back from the School of Education. In the meantime, I developed a manuscript recycled from one of my course assignments for submission to an online journal, JAASEP-Research Based Journal in Special Education associated with the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET). Approval should be a quicker turnaround than non-online journal since I submitted it electronically. I can put it on my CV now and just add (In Press). I didn’t have to change it much, but I did update some of the literature. I followed the submission guidelines and emailed it.

A Comparison Between Collaborative and Authoritative Leadership Styles of Special Education Administrators 





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How I Did It-New Timeline for a New Year

December 31, 2009

This is the last day of 2009! I spent countless hours complaining, procrastinating and simply not being productive. No More! 2010 IS going to be my year of completion. We are given seven years to complete a dissertation and some people take the entire time and longer.  I will NOT be doing that. My life can’t continue like this because my family needs me back at 100%. God is still with me, even though I continue to slack off and be inconsistent. I have to rekindle the power that flowed through me this past summer after I passed Comps. It was all by the God’s grace and I know that.

Capella uses specific milestones for us to complete to keep up with progress on our dissertation. I created a newly revamped timeline that is more detailed and incorporates the milestones. This is what I will go by. I WILL GET DONE.

Date Due By Action(s) Milestone
1/20 Chapters 1-3 Proposal Approval by Committee 4
2/1 School Approval 5
2/11 Arrange and Complete Conference Call 7
2/22 IRB Approval 6
3/9 Data Collection completed (3 interviews)
3/12 Transform Data into codable form
3/16 Data Coded
3/22 Draft of Sample Analysis to submit to Mentor
3/24-29 Attend Writer’s Retreat in AZ
3/29 Draft of Ch.4 Completed-Submit Draft to Editor
3/30 Submit Ch.4 to Mentor
4/9 Mentor Approval of Ch.4 8
4/10 Graduation Application Completed
4/12 Draft of Ch.5 Completed-Send all 5 Chapters to Editor
4/13 Produce Front/End Matter-Submit to Mentor
4/26 Mentor Approval of all 5 chapters 9
5/28 Committee Approval of Dissertation 10
6/16 School Approval of Dissertation 11
7/8 Final Revisions before Defense (my birthdayJ) 12
7/14 Have Conference Call Completed and Form Submitted to School for Milestone Completion 13
7/20 Revisions Completed per Conference Call 14
8/5 Publication 15
8/20 Dean’s Approval 16
8/31 Degree Confer Date

How I Did It-Breaking Procrastination

October 25, 2009

Once I pass committee approval and IRB stage, I’ll be over the hump. Chapters 4 and 5 will be exciting and should go pretty quickly. In the meantime, I need to kick the procrastination habit.

GOAL I-Do certain things at the same time every day. Commit to it.

GOAL II-Don’t say I will do everything for everyone. It takes away from my things to do list. Learn to say NO.

GOAL III-Work on ANYTHING dealing with the dissertation for an hour a day.

GOAL-IV-Follow through with my things to do list. Try not to carry things over to the next day. Only list what I know I CAN do.





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How I Did It-During Downtime

It’s 2:15pm and I have no plans to go to the library as of yet. My husband is asleep and I am letting him so he will have the energy to keep the kids if I leave. What I am going to do today is type up what I’ve written and work on my reference list. I also need to go back and correct Chapter 3. There is a lot to do that doesn’t require me to write. Doing something during my downtime makes me feel a lot better about this.






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How I Did It-Remember the Steps

July 25, 2009

I am 2 months into working on my dissertation and I have made progress. Things are beginning to slow down, so I need a reminder of my goals. Here is a recap of the 31 steps to completion and where I am so far. Chapter 3 is done and I am writing the lit. review.

  • Step 1-Talk to my mentor about my preproposal
  • Step 2-Create the preproposal-5 hours
  • Step 3- Get Dissertation Committee approval-~2 weeks
  • Step 4- Complete CITI training-1 week
  • Step 5-Mentor approves preproposal-~2 weeks
  • Step 6-Collect the literature-40 hours
  • Step 7-Code the literature-60 hours (break down how later)
  • Step 8-Write the literature review-40 hours
  • Step 9–Finish writing the proposal-Chapters 1 and 3-Write 3 before 1.-30 hours
  • Step 10- Mentor approves proposal-~2 weeks (Work on IRB documents while I wait)
  • Step 11-Revise the proposal if necessary-6 hours
  • Step 12-Defend the Proposal
  • Step 13-Obtain IRB Approval-~2-3 weeks depending on school
  • Step 14-Collect the data-150 hours
  • Step 15- Transform data to codable form-40-60 hours
  • Step 16- Code the data-40 hours
  • Step 17-Create the matrix to explain the data-5 hours
  • Step 18-Write a sample analysis for mentor-5 hours
  • Step 19- Mentor reviews sample analysis-~1 week
  • Step 20-Write  Chapter 4 including sample analysis-40 hours
  • Step 21-Write Chapter 5- 30 hours
  • Step 22-Transform the Proposal into dissertation chapters 1-3 and create front matter-5 hours
  • Step 23- Edit the Chapters-60 hours
  • Step 24- School and Committee review of dissertation for  approval-3-4 weeks
  • Step 25- Revise the dissertation-25 hours
  • Step 26-Dissertation Approval-~2 weeks
  • Step 27-Make Formatting Revisions based on school editor-8 hours
  • Step 28-Review of the dissertation-~2 weeks
  • Step 29-Defend the dissertation
  • Step 30-Do any final revisions after defense-20 hours
  • Step 31-Submit the dissertation for publication-1 hour




To talk to me privately about this or any other dissertation-related issue, email me.