How I Did It-Getting Back on Track

July 13, 2009

It has been almost two weeks since I wrote in this journal. I knew I was going to get sidetracked. The workshop I taught last week took every minute of my time. It is Monday and I have to jump back into the swing of things. To meet my original deadlines, I have three weeks to write 25-30 pages. That’s about 18 days at about a page and a half a day. If I made each section of the proposal  a page and a half, doing one each day, then it can definitely be done. Thinking about it this way makes it so much better for me. I have to now get my husband back into thinking about helping me again. That has been the biggest struggle; finding time and letting it go by because I have to juggle and negotiate for it. Even still, I know I can do this.

It’s 4:00pm and I’m in the library.  I forgot to mention that I emailed my mentor on July 3rd and didn’t hear back until July 11th. Oh well. I just re-emailed one of my committee members. I hope I sent it to the right address. I didn’t hear from her for an entire month with the first email. As I wait to hear from her, I’ll get to writing…






To talk to me privately about this or any other dissertation-related issue, email me.

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