How I Did It- My Computer Dies!

JUNE 17, 2009

My computer died today. It has to be the battery because it won’t even work plugged in. I know my husband will get me another one, but I don’t want to waste time not being able to do what I have done to get prepared. Luckily, I have articles I can read for the lit. review. There are also books I can read too. I’m at the library at 6pm and I spent the first 20 minutes checking email and on Facebook. What am I doing?!

OK, shake that off, keep moving. So, I am looking up more articles for my lit. review and I am not sure if they fit with my methodology or not. I’m going to work on Chapter 3 before Chapter 1. Chapter 1 will be easier to do last because some of the components from Chapter 3 are basically restated in more defined terms. By the time I finish with Chapter 3, I’ll have all the literature for Chapter 2. I think I’ve made the outline for Chapter 2 too complicated. It has 5 themes and 15 sub-themes.  If I do a page or two per topic that would be my whole chapter. I should think of the sub-themes as mini-papers and use transition statements to link the paragraphs together. They must flow. That is how I wrote the Comps and it seemed to work out pretty good.






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