How I Did It-Honing my topic-June 5, 2009

After doing some reading in my dissertation prep manuals, I realize that I am actually excited about my topic. This will make this process run a lot smoother in the long run. As of right now, and I am sure this will change, the title is Perceptions of Nontraditional Adults as Special Education Teachers: The Before and After of Being Highly Qualified According to NCLB. It may seem long, but it tells exactly what the study is about. NCLB wanted all teachers to be highly qualified, but didn’t take into consideration the route the teachers took to get their certification or their backgrounds.  The demand was placed on them to know content areas they weren’t originally trained for. The main factors are the demographic of the special education teachers that were impacted in the worse way. The special education teachers who were previous career changers and those entering the field at a later age. I target this group because it is a group I have been working on for the past two years. They sometimes have a hard time passing the required Praxis I test (Reading, Writing and Math) because of their absence from the school for so many years. This is a problem when they are included in the batch of teachers that have to step in the classroom everyday unsure of their ability to teach in the content areas.

Today I was given my committee. One person was given to me that I didn’t even know, but my husband says just get to know her. Sounds simple enough.

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