How I Did It-Family Time

July 24, 2009

I made a sacrifice today. The library closed at 5pm today, but I didn’t make it there. My husband told me that he wanted to spend more time with me. I stayed home with him and talked. I suggested we take a walk in our neighborhood and to my surprise, we did.  The kids got on their bikes and I pulled out the baby stroller. It was fun. I want to spend more time with him too and will just have to make time for him like I do for the dissertation. I don’t want to ever take him for granted.

To get back on track I will go to the library for only three hours from 2pm- 5pm for the next two weeks and then when school starts 11-2:30pm. If that is too early for my husband then I can do 4pm-7pm. That way I will be home for dinner and what’s left of homework for the kids. Onward…






To talk to me privately about this or any other dissertation-related issue, email me.

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