How I Did It-Topic Hits the Fan

March 27, 2010

I worked on redoing my Chapter 3, I did. Turns out I have to revamp Chapter 1 at the same time! That means double work. I also have to add another section into my Chapter 2 to correlate with the reasoning behind changing the methodology to a case study. I had to add in a section about Alternative Teacher Certification too. My title had to change from THE PERCEPTIONS OF NONTRADITIONAL SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS: A STUDY OF LIVED EXPERIENCES AS A RESULT OF THE NCLB TEACHER MANDATES to A STUDY OF THE EXPERIENCES OF ALTERNATIVELY CERTIFIED SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS RELATED TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT OF 2001. Not only did this topic evolve because my School didn’t approve it, but the problem is occurring as I rewrite. About a week after my proposal was denied, special education teachers in our school district found out that special education teachers teaching on the secondary level in North Carolina were not highly qualified according to No Child Left Behind. Turns out the US Department of Education audited the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction  and decided this back in May 2009. I wish I had known then. My original topic referred to teacher quality of special education teachers with nontraditional backgrounds. It didn’t change  a lot, but the new problem was significant enough to do a case study instead.



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2 thoughts on “How I Did It-Topic Hits the Fan

  1. Wow!! Why didn’t your mentor or previous instructors advise you earlier on that you needed to revise your methodology prior to you getting that far in the proposal process? Did you have previous courses where you worked on developing the research project, outlining Problem, Purpose, Research Questions, and methodology?

  2. Up until the School submission, the methodology seemed to be fine. They agreed with it. One of my committee members had some reservations, but I supported my reasoning and it was approved. Yes, I did have the research courses included in the program. The one I completed before beginning my dissertation helped me write a chapter, but keep in mind, the instructor was not the representative of the School of Education reviewing dissertations. The decision was only in that person’s hands at that stage.

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