How I Did It-Meeting with my Colleague-June 4, 2009

I met with my colleague about my preproposal today and I was disappointed at first. She jumped right into correcting me and sounded defensive. I must keep in mind that when I do this I have to be as passionate about my topic as she is about the field, but I can’t be offensive to others. After correcting me, she actually helped me. She forewarned me about the importance of being very clear with my theoretical framework by distinctly defining the literature. Eliminating the “so what” factor by explaining or using supporting literature to tell the significance of my study was the key. She didn’t realize that happened to be my missing link. Then, she went on to discuss the methodology. I’m stuck on phenomenology, but I am open for whatever works best. She says to do a case study, but that can end up being too lengthy. Lord knows I don’t want to make this last longer than it has to.

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