How I Did It-Accepting the Changes

March 9, 2010

OK, so I wrote for an hour this morning, but I am writing again tonight. I am ready to get this done and I am nowhere near an end to these revisions. Taking it a little bit a day is better than not doing it at all, but the thought of having to redo a chapter is discouraging. I acknowledge that I feel inadequate right now. How did I work so long and hard on something that wasn’t even right? Problem is, it was right to me. Ultimately I need to realize that although this is my dissertation, my completing this is it’s not up to me alone. I have to accept these changes just like it were a paper in a course where a professor used Microsoft Word Track Changes to comment on it. I’d fix it and accept the changes. OK. I will accept the changes.




To talk to me privately about this or any other dissertation-related issue, email me.


One thought on “How I Did It-Accepting the Changes

  1. I have been deferred by IRB because it is not clear how I will code my research. I am completely lost in this process. My mentor had eye surgery, so I am just as blind for now. I had ideas but not sure if I am providing what they need.

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