How I Did It-At the Library-June 11, 2009

I’m at the library. I just completed my backwards timeline and I gave myself two more months, May 2010. If I am offered a job, finishing up in June or July is OK because I will be in the final stages of the dissertation. I would have already applied for graduation. Some colleges and universities will hire candidates who are ABD as long as the graduation date is known. I see now how I have to stay focused and use this time my husband is giving me wisely. Devoting about 6 hours a day to this will do the trick. If I can’t do 6 hours, I will take any time I can get. I’m glad I started my literature collection early because I want to start reading and coding once my mentor gives me the OK on Monday.

I’m going to start back taking my vitamins and Mega T for energy so I can get through the summer with all the kids home all day. I won’t be able to write at home, but I will still be productive nonetheless. Lord, in advance, please don’t let IRB approval and the finding of participants take too long. That is the biggest thing now. But as long as it gets in motion and is doable, I guess I will do fine. It’s this literature review I should focus on while I’m at the library…

I am actually about to walk away from the library with the entire outline for my literature review completed! I sent it to my mentor. I also made file folders on my flash drive to organize all the articles I am going to use. I made files to save my drafts of my Chapters in too. Now I am going home to transfer the items to my hard drive too.

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