How I Did It-Preparing For Work

August 11, 2009

I got a lot done at the library yesterday, but each section is taking me longer than I wanted them to. I should have finished this section last night but didn’t. I am using today’s three hours for a section I should have already done. Grrr.

So, when I start back to work I will have a Resource class at my new high school, I teach two classes at UNCG and I have to spend at least two hours a day on this dissertation. Let’s see, is that a bit much? I most likely will have at least 25 students on my caseload too. I just laid out a detailed plan to focus on this proposal before I start working.

11thRead Teacher Quality articles

Add references

12thRead NCLB articles

Add references


13thWrite TQ and NCLB Sections

Start on Chapter 1

14thWrite TQ and NCLB Sections
15thFinish TQ and NCLB Sections

Read SpEd Teacher shortage articles

16thRead SpEd articles

Add references

Write Chapter 1

17thRead SpEd articles

Begin writing SpEd section

18thWrite SpEd section

Write Chapter 1

19thWrite SpEd section

Write Chapter 1

20thWrite Conclusion to Chapter 2


Send Chapter 2 to editor

21stAdd references

Write Chapter 1


22ndFinish Chapter 1

Add references

23rdFinish Chapter 1





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