How I Did It-Distracted

July 22, 2009

I can’t believe I didn’t write about my day yesterday. I guess I was so bothered that I forgot. I had an interview to start back teaching full-time. I have licensure issues since the federal government just busted North Carolina saying secondary special education teachers  had the wrong certification if they didn’t have the same licenses as regular education teachers. What in the world?! I take a year off from teaching and try to come back with this mess going on. Looks like I will be tweaking my dissertation topic. I have not written a section of my Chapter 2 yet. I should finish reading tonight and get the first section done tomorrow no matter what happens. As long as I get the entire proposal done between the August 7th and 15th, I’m OK because that gives my mentor time to read it and send it to other committee members. They will have time before the quarter ends to have me do rewrites. Oh, rewrites. Didn’t think about those. OK, let’s get on the ball because rewrites can slow everything down. Let’s get focused!




To talk to me privately about this or any other dissertation-related issue, email me.



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