ABD to PhD Coaching Service

Thesis and Dissertation Coaching with Dr. Natasha Veale 
Are you having trouble finishing your thesis or dissertation?

Do you feel like you’ve lost momentum in your studies and you need someone to hold you accountable for moving forward?

Are you trying to find a way to organize your time around your family and busy life?

Are you having difficulty accessing your faculty mentor and you need support now?
Are you working on your degree in an online program? 
If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may benefit from hiring me as your a dissertation coach.

A dissertation coach is someone who helps you finish your dissertation or masters thesis by providing support throughout the process. I offer:
  • tips to help you to deal with the processes and stressors of finishing.
  • help to figure out your strengths and weaknesses to help you achieve your goals.
  • the accountability you need to keep you moving forward.
  • questions to help you talk about your problem.
  • a free consultation to get to know your goals and what it is you need to help you get the particular problem solved.
  • 30-minute phone calls where we review your progress, talk about your challenges, and figure out what is and isn’t working.
  • 45 minutes to an hour sessions if you need more assistance.
  • Unlimited emails with paid phone consults.

Go to http://howtofinishadissertation.com for more information.

5 thoughts on “ABD to PhD Coaching Service

  1. I am contemplating pursuing a Doctoral degree from Capella University, and I wanted to know if people professionally respect your degree. There are some people who think that Capella isn’t a good school, and that you couldn’t get in anywhere else. I want to pursue a Doctorate in Counseling, and an information you can give me would really help.

    1. Yes. My degree is respected. So much so that I finished my dissertation in early October last year and by the end of October I got a call from the search committee at the college I work for now. By January this year I was hired. I worked very hard in my program at my Capella. Not only is a good school, I don’t think I could be more prepared to do what I do had I not earned my degree from them.

      It is important to weigh the pros and cons of any school and I am glad you asked. I am willing to answer any more questions at info@specialeducation2008.com if you’d like. Good Luck!

      Dr. Veale

  2. Dr. Veale I am a graduate student currently pursing my master’s degree in Higher Education with a specialization in College Teaching and Learning with a concentration in Information Technology. Upon completing this program at Kaplan University I am looking to attend Capella University to pursue my first of 5 doctoral degrees. What advice, suggestions do you have for someone like me when starting the phd classes? How many classes did you take per term? Did you have any of your papers or anything published? Where you currently work is the institution big on hiring instructors that have had publishing experience in order to get promoted and etc? I have taken only one research methods class so far, but looking at the phd in IT with a specialization in education I am looking forward to being able to learn more that class was quite interesting to me, I learned quite a lot about the methods.

    1. Hi Keisha, thank you for the questions. A bit of advice I can give you when you begin taking PhD courses is to decide on a dissertation topic while you are taking classes and shape your assignments to be related to your topic. This way when you get to the dissertation you would already have researched and read literature to make your process so much easier. As far as the number of classes per term, I took two most quarter and three in others. The times I took three courses I was trying to get finished with courses because I was pregnant with my third baby. Time wasn’t on my side 🙂 Yes, I did publish one of my papers from my coursework. I am working on updating and publishing one of them right now. That is always a good idea. I believe it looked very good that I was already published when I was hired for my tenure-track position. I am expected to do scholarly work each year, but teaching is the priority. Keep on the path you are on. Always ask questions. Thanks so much for asking!

      1. I completely agree with choosing your topic early! I’m finishing up my data analysis and findings sections, graduating with my Ed.D. in May come hell or high water, and I can tell you from personal experience that selecting even the broad area of you dissertation topic very early in your doctoral program is extremely helpful. By the time I completed my coursework, I had about 75% of my dissertation prospectus (intro, lit review and method, at my institution at least) completed from course assignments. It saved me a HUGE amount of time and energy.

        As far as the number of courses, take what you can without burning out. I had reached the end of my rope with my dissertation and had to take a few months off this summer. I think I’d crammed in too many classes while also working full time, planning and wedding and renovating a fixer upper.

        Good luck!

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