How I Did It-Still No Laptop

June 19, 2009

Another day without my laptop! I took it to Geek Squad and they told me the port is ruined. It needs a new motherboard! What in the world does that mean?! I can’t believe this is happening. I have not worked on the dissertation today, but I still plan to. I have to start reading the literature I found. I have more articles I can print out at the library too. I am trying hard not to get discouraged. It is too early for this. My husband doesn’t want to listen to me talk about the problems, so I should just stop focusing on the negative. I think he’d want to share this with me if I talk about what I am able to do. I should also make better use of my time by being flexible. It is obvious that I can’t always do things as I plan. I should know that from everything else in my life, but for some reason I thought I could be in control of this dissertation since it is mine. Boy was I wrong. If I get any lesson out of this short amount of time is do the best I can with what I have as long as I keep going.





To talk to me privately about this or any other dissertation-related issue, email me.

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