How I Did It-Dissertation Begin Date-May 29, 2009

This site is to serve as a resource for anyone trying to make it through their dissertation. I wrote in a journal throughout my dissertation process, but no one knows exactly what I did to get here. I was asked on several occasions, “How did you do it?” They asked this because I am married with three kids and I have been in school all of their lives. I was also a special education teacher full-time and a part-time adjunct instructor while working on the dissertation. Although I finished it in October 2010, I thought it would be helpful to create this blog of my compiled journal entries.


Well, I did it! I passed Comps on May 27, 2009. As I begin this journey into the research part of my career, I understand how important planning and organizing is. This is a task I believe I am ready for, but physically, I need to be realistic. Can I do this in the time allotted? I know I can follow steps and stick to my plan to be finished in March 2010. Today, I will search the internet for resources on how to put together a timeline to get this done and then break down what I have to do in doable steps. I can follow steps. This is too massive for me to look at as a whole…



Dr. Veale’s ABD to PhD Dissertation Coaching Service-

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