How I Did It-Not As I Predicted

June 7, 2010

Today was very slow. I thought I’d get more responses from all the teachers I emailed, but I only got four so far. Out of the four only three qualified for my study. I sent the “next steps” email to them and I didn’t get any responses except one wanting to know about interviewing. She wasn’t going to be available until after the 11th and asked if she could write-up her account in an essay instead. I don’t feel as excited today because things are slowing down, but at least they are still going. I know I emailed enough teachers, 55 to be exact. I only need four.  I guess they are all waiting until school is over. That is fine, but I am leaving on the 16th to go to Texas for the Dissertation Writer’s Retreat. I must have the data collection done before then. OK, Lord, we can do this.


One thought on “How I Did It-Not As I Predicted

  1. Dr. Veale, I am a LinkedIn member and wanted to ask if I could post my dissertation study link with your group. My study is about what enables or inhibits dissertation completion and I need ABDs/doctoral candidates (DC) currently writing their dissertation, recent PhD grads (2009-current), ABD/DC that left before graduating. You can check my survey to see if you approve posting my link. Gail, MLIS, MAWS, PhD to be!

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