How I Did It-New Timeline for a New Year

December 31, 2009

This is the last day of 2009! I spent countless hours complaining, procrastinating and simply not being productive. No More! 2010 IS going to be my year of completion. We are given seven years to complete a dissertation and some people take the entire time and longer.  I will NOT be doing that. My life can’t continue like this because my family needs me back at 100%. God is still with me, even though I continue to slack off and be inconsistent. I have to rekindle the power that flowed through me this past summer after I passed Comps. It was all by the God’s grace and I know that.

Capella uses specific milestones for us to complete to keep up with progress on our dissertation. I created a newly revamped timeline that is more detailed and incorporates the milestones. This is what I will go by. I WILL GET DONE.

Date Due By Action(s) Milestone
1/20 Chapters 1-3 Proposal Approval by Committee 4
2/1 School Approval 5
2/11 Arrange and Complete Conference Call 7
2/22 IRB Approval 6
3/9 Data Collection completed (3 interviews)
3/12 Transform Data into codable form
3/16 Data Coded
3/22 Draft of Sample Analysis to submit to Mentor
3/24-29 Attend Writer’s Retreat in AZ
3/29 Draft of Ch.4 Completed-Submit Draft to Editor
3/30 Submit Ch.4 to Mentor
4/9 Mentor Approval of Ch.4 8
4/10 Graduation Application Completed
4/12 Draft of Ch.5 Completed-Send all 5 Chapters to Editor
4/13 Produce Front/End Matter-Submit to Mentor
4/26 Mentor Approval of all 5 chapters 9
5/28 Committee Approval of Dissertation 10
6/16 School Approval of Dissertation 11
7/8 Final Revisions before Defense (my birthdayJ) 12
7/14 Have Conference Call Completed and Form Submitted to School for Milestone Completion 13
7/20 Revisions Completed per Conference Call 14
8/5 Publication 15
8/20 Dean’s Approval 16
8/31 Degree Confer Date

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