How I Did It-Vacation?

July 31, 2009

I am finally at the library. I left home at 1:05pm and I sat down at 1:40pm. I really need to cut my travel and walking times. Maybe I need to find somewhere closer to home. As long as I can work, I don’t care. Last night my husband and I talked with leveled heads about this dissertation. He says he needs to do more to help me. He’s aware of it, but there are times when his body won’t allow it. I told him it’s important that I put the baby in daycare so that he can get a break when I need to leave. We need a vacation, but because of my being in school again, we haven’t been on one in 2 1/2 years. I really wish I could. I just want to be organized so I can enjoy him, the kids, and this dissertation process at the same time. I have to find a way. I love him enough to do that.






To talk to me privately about this or any other dissertation-related issue, email me.

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